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Mobile Casinos: Android beats iOS in Popularity

android online casinos

Android leading with 55% for online gamblers, which should not surprise any of the fans of Android phones. Many of the people who play games of all kinds have a tendency to favor Android phones over many of the other smartphones on the market today for a number of reasons. The fact that Android phones can run many different applications at once is definitely good for online gamblers. Android phones have always been more conducive to downloads than many of the other phones on the market. It should be easy for people to download everything that they need for the sake of gaming, which is one of many reasons why gamblers favor Android phones.

There are lots of different phone options available for Android, and doing almost anything on Android is better as a result. Android phones are conducive to offering customers lots of different notifications, which has a tendency to help people who are keeping track of the online gaming industry. The people who are interested in Casino Pokies Online are going to have a lot of freedom and flexibility when they use an Android phone. Especially when it comes to

For the people who are interested in using Android in the context of online gaming, it should be noted that Android phones need a simultaneous Internet connection alias all the time. As such, Internet connection problems may appear more often with Android phones than with other phones. However, the people who prepare for these potential issues are usually not going to run into them.

Android leading with 55% for online gamblers demonstrates that many people truly have not run into too many Internet connection issues with the phone in the context of online gambling. The freedom provided by mobile gambling is one of the advantages, and people are often going to run into some Internet connection problems in that context. However, it seems like people expect them to a certain extent, and they have certainly not deterred Android users.

android online casinos

Obviously, a plurality of online gamblers use Android phones, and not a huge majority. People should not overstate the popularity of Android phones with online gamblers or with mobile users in general, for that matter. However, considering the number of mobile device applications out there today, a plurality is still certainly noteworthy. Android leading with 55% for online gamblers means that it has beaten out half a dozen of the most popular online mobile devices, and quite a few more that never managed to make it that far.

It is possible that newer versions of Android are going to be even more heavily marketed to the people who like to play online games. Online casinos already are sure to include Android in their lineup of devices that people can use in order to access the mobile casino. Mobile casinos vary in terms of the devices that people can use, but people are almost always going to be able to use Android. Given the popularity of online casino gaming, this might make Android itself even more popular in its own right.